Jason Hope Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a futurist passionate about the internet of things. Over the years, he has used his knowledge on technology to make predictions and analyze current trends. He often writes about the role of the Internet of Things in shaping the future. Jason Hope’s objective is to provide insights that can help individuals and businesses take advantage of technology in the future.

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Apart from his interests in technology, Jason Hope is also an investor and philanthropists. After earning his undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State and an MBA from W.P Carey Business School, Jason ventured into the mobile communication technology sector. The extent of influence and benefits to the people inspired him to join the industry. Aware of the prospects for growth I the industry, Jason began selling premium text messages.

This experience set the ground for his future in medical research and technology as well as his interests as a futurist. Jason Hope created, his pioneer enterprise specializing in mobile communications. The success registered by the business made Jason Hope to invest in other companies. After several years he diversified his investment portfolio to include companies offering interactive software, digital media solutions, marketing services and business and computer information systems, and his Linkedin.

Encouraged by his excellence, Jason Hope became intentional about helping other young entrepreneurs or students succeed. He was aware of the challenges brilliant young minds face in a bid to actualize their ideas. Jason purposed to solve the problem of lack of capital by providing grants and financing for the young business leaders. Through Jason Hope official website, entrepreneurs present their ideas. He then selects the most intriguing from all the rest. Jason believes that the future of the tech industry is dependent on these great and unique ideas from upcoming entrepreneurs.

Jason Hope strives to give back to the community as much and frequent as possible. He views philanthropy as a business entity because it enables him to meet particular community needs. One of the initiatives he is fascinated about is the SENS Foundation. Jason supports research in anti-aging and the future of medicine. The SENS Foundation is currently working on enhancing care and treatment of Alzheimer, lung cancer heart disease and respiratory diseases. He donated $ 500,000 to the research fund. Jason is optimistic about the future of biotechnologies in medical advancement, prevention of diseases and improving the quality of care and life. He often regards his philanthropic pursuits as the most fulfilling investments to date, and https://patch.com/arizona/phoenix/futurist-jason-hope-supports-arizonas-skyrocketing-tech-sector.

What You Need to Know About Securus Technologies Ltd

Securus Technologies headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Through the able leadership of Rick Smith, the company happens to have diversified range of services across the divide. They have been in a position to help over one million inmates and also over 3,000 corrections, safety agencies and also enhancing law enforcement. They have been able to reach out the public and even prisons in efforts towards ensuring that there are improved communication, disaster management, emergency responses, incidents managements, inmates self-service, biometric information and so many others services that they deliver through their advanced technical expertise.


Rich Smith, the CEO of Securus technology, has a very excellent educational background that has made him a very productive manager. He happens to be attractive schools who did not sit down for fortune to find him. The company has developed under his able leadership which focusses on motivating their 1,000 staff. The company has been able to work and help over 1,600,000 inmates through the provision of better and affordable services to these prisoners. They have been able to apply innovation in technology towards improving them.


Securus Technologies as a company has worked so hard to improve the livelihood of people in prison. They have through technology been able to advance communication facilities that have enabled inmates and their families to reunite. Previously, prisons acts and regulations used to limit these calls, but there were deliberations between a profit based Securus Technology represented by their CEO. They were able to conclude how to increase this. Technology in those prisons have been advanced so well, and they even have been able to curb the spread of both civil and criminal crimes. They apply technology to help the public and also the people inside the prisons. They have a committed team of experts that work on making things better and straight.


Securus Technologies: Inmate Calling Services:

*A Closer Look at Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies is an technology company based in Dallas Texas. The company was founded in 1986 and has grown considerably. Securus was able to design a unique and sophisticated system to control contraband cellular phones.


After many years of research and technology, Securus managed access solutions that received approval from several correctional facilities. Following this approval status, Securus merged with the Harris Corporation. Securus and the Harris Corporation designed “Cell Defender Technology”.


Securus Technologies offers a variety of telephone services to inmates who are housed in a correctional facility. One of the most popular services available to inmates is the Securus “Advance Connect” system. This system is essentially a pre-paid calling account which allows the user to control their own spending habits.


*Calling Service Options:


Direct Bill is another call service available through Securus. Direct Bill permits you to receive calls from inmates anytime of the day or night. However, these calls are added or billed to your monthly cell phone bill. Therefore, the customer would be responsible for all charges related to this account.


Inmate Debit is a pre-paid account gives the inmate the responsibility of paying for their own calls. Funds may be added at any time to the inmates calling account. Inmate Debit is favored by correctional facilities because they feel it forces inmates to learn responsibility and manage their telephone costs on their own.


Securus Technologies is the number one provider of inmate calling & communication services. Securus is continually improving their services as well as adding new calling features to make communication even easier.


Cell Defender Technology quickly gained popularity due to the fact that the system prevented contraband cell phones from connecting directly to mobile networks.


Securus Technologies was one of the first companies to provide calling services to inmates at various correctional facilities. In addition to providing cellular services to inmates, Securus also designed “Offender Management System technology”. This system was another way for organizations to protect their telephone data from security and other breaches.