Sahm Adrangi: An Innovative, Visionary, Very Successful Financial Services Professional

Sahm Adrangi is Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder and chief investment officer. He started the company in 2009 with less than $1 million and as of July 2017 Kerrisdale Capital Management had over $150 million under management. Many people know Adrangi because his short selling and his work publishing research results. In 2010 and 2011, he shorted and exposed China-Biotics, China Marine Food Group and other fraudulent Chinese companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission started enforcement action against several of the companies Sahm Adrangi targeted.

Adrangi and his firm share views on stocks that are often misunderstood by the market. They include over-hyped shorts and under-followed longs. The research being done by Kerrisdale is designed to correct misconceptions about the fundamental business prospects of several companies. The firm publishes the results of their research on its website, Twitter and third-party investing-related sites. Although Kerrisdale provides research information related to several companies and industries, Sahm Adrangi has recently focused its efforts on biotechnology, mining, telecommunications and other sectors where they’ve developed expertise, and more information click here.

Along with publishing research, Sahm Adrangi worked closely with several companies offering investment opportunities. He worked with the management of Lindsey Corporation in 2013 to optimize their capital allocation and cash deployment policies. In 2015, Adrangi sought to replace two of Morgans Hotel Group’s directors with two others he felt were better suited for the position from the slate of candidates that he had helped to get elected in 2014.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. Adrangi began his career in financial services at Deutsche Bank. He worked with credit – performing leveraged and high-yield loan debt financing. Adrangi also worked at Chanin Capital Partners advising creditor committees in out-of-court restructuring and bankruptcy situations. After working in investment banking, Adrangi worked with Longacre Management, a distressed debt hedge fund valued at several billion dollars, for several years, and resume him.

A popular speaker numerous industry conferences, Sahm Adrangi has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg and been featured in the New York Times, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and other major publications.

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