Betsy DeVos: The Importance of Giving Back

When I typically hear about Betsy DeVos it is in relation to her political accomplishments and views. Betsy DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education. She is the 11th person to hold that role. Mrs. DeVos has been passionate about bringing about education reform since her early college days. She was active in many groups and sound found that she was able to bring about tangible change for education in this country. The amount of charitable giving that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been able to accomplish is astounding.


I recently came across an interesting feature on Mrs. DeVos published by Philanthropy Roundtable. The feature focused solely on her philanthropic side. I had not heard much about how incredibly philanthropic the DeVos family is. Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, both hold philanthropy as a cornerstone of their family values. However, they typically give back in a quiet manner, avoiding press releases and media. The two have stated that they know with their financial blessings comes an obligation to give back to those in need. Their philanthropic giving stems from a goal to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Both sets of parents were very giving people and always gave to others before allotting to themselves.


The couple founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to fulfil the goal of following in the footsteps of their parents. The Foundation granted over $10 million in funds in 2015 alone and also pledged an additional $3.2 million in funds.


Many of the organizations that received funding were in line with Betsy DeVos’ passion for education and Christian values. For example, the Foundation donated $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools and approved an additional $150,000 in the future. The organization works to provide students with Charter School education options. These are important in low income areas where the district may not have the best education options. The Foundation also granted $100,000 to the Alliance for School Choice, which also seeks to provide additional school options. She donated $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a charity founded by Jeb Bush.


One organization that is dear to Dick and Betsy DeVos is the Potter’s House Christian School in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The school seeks to provide a Christian education for students in the area. Many of these students come from low income families that would likely be unable to afford the school’s tuition. Dick and Betsy DeVos provide multiple scholarships for these students and are currently the school’s largest donors. They first came upon the school when searching for school options for their own children. They were incredibly moved at the excellent work Potter’s House was doing on a slim budget and decided to help financially.


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U. S. Money Reserve Collaborates On Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Shortly after the devastating Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas area, U. S. Money Reserve teamed up with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to help fellow Texans pull through.


The Category 4 hurricane caused a staggering amount of damage three distinct times in six days in late August this year. The enormous rainfall drove more than 38,000 people to relocate from their homes.


  1. S. Money Reserve and the ADRN established a relief course of action for the survivors raising $219,622 in contributions including matching community donations to the YouCaring program of ADRN’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, for the month of September, according to a story published at


  1. S. Money Reserve chief executive officer Angela Koch said in a statement that the company felt inspired to offer its assistance particularly as the hurricane hit so near home. Koch added U. S. Money Reserve is filled with pride to help out in the recovery endeavors along side ADRN.


The partnership will support services that include emergency housing, financial assistance, transportation as well as emotional care. Specifically, victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Gulf Coast Region received all the financial resources raised.


Daniel Geraci, executive director of ADRN, commented that many lives will be influenced by way of U. S. Money Reserve’s kind bequest, which has helped with the financial needs from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.


The nonprofit ADRN, which takes in more than 175 Greater Austin churches and volunteers, continues to help families with its call center volunteers who reach out to provide services, supplies and survivor assistance.


Giving back to the community, U. S. Money Reserve headquartered in Austin, Texas maintains offices Beaumont and Houston. The precious metal distributor, which was launched in 2001, has grown to turn into one of the world’s largest private traders of both U. S. and foreign government issued gold, silver and platinum legal tender products.


The privately-held company, which is led by former U. S. Mint Director Philip Diehl, has offered its guidance to more than 400,000 clients with their investment in research and locating the best products for them to invest in. Learn more:


  1. S. Money Reserve was awarded an “AAA” rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and its business practices have been acknowledged on a worldwide basis.



Aloha construction a leader in the industry.

In construction, the need for professionalism continues to grow every day and it is what is setting apart companies that are poised to continue succeeding and the rest.Clients are now more exposed than ever and it is this factor that has continued to ensure that there tastes in the way they want their houses to build continues to be more reflective of this exposure.The need for specialization is also gradually rising and this has been met very positively by one of the industry leaders serving Ilinois Aloha construction.

Lead by CEO Dave Farbaky, the family-owned company has grown by leaps and bounds and to date has handled more than 18000 jobs all over the construction industry.The company has fully fledged inspectors and supervisors who oversee there certified technicians who are on the site.This ability to bring together a team that is self-sufficient at the ground level is what has enabled Aloha Construction to ensure professionalism and timely delivery of its client’s projects.

The company ensures that they maintain a high level of integrity and honesty in all its dealings an aspect that has seen them cultivate a very good relationship with its clients as well as suppliers, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Suppliers are very important to Aloha construction as they ensure that materials are received on time while also giving the client very good deals on them.

Aloha construction has been able to specialize in various areas in the construction business and whether its a repair job, renovation or a new housing project it can swiftly be handled, and…/prweb14244544.htm.

Roofing is one of the most engaging areas of a housing project and it is this aspect that has seen them develop a team specifically for roofing projects. Aloha construction specialists can work with various materials which include Sheet metal and other clay products.The ability to source this material also gives them an upper hand when dealing with any project.



The provision for gutters is very important for any house.It ensures that rain and snow water is properly drained and in doing so ensures that water damage is prevented.Rainwater is when allowed to fall directly from the roof can easily damage the slab or start erosion of the area around the house’s foundation, and their resume.

Jason Hope Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a futurist passionate about the internet of things. Over the years, he has used his knowledge on technology to make predictions and analyze current trends. He often writes about the role of the Internet of Things in shaping the future. Jason Hope’s objective is to provide insights that can help individuals and businesses take advantage of technology in the future.

Great read by @TMFSunLion #IoT

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 8, 2016

Apart from his interests in technology, Jason Hope is also an investor and philanthropists. After earning his undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State and an MBA from W.P Carey Business School, Jason ventured into the mobile communication technology sector. The extent of influence and benefits to the people inspired him to join the industry. Aware of the prospects for growth I the industry, Jason began selling premium text messages.

This experience set the ground for his future in medical research and technology as well as his interests as a futurist. Jason Hope created, his pioneer enterprise specializing in mobile communications. The success registered by the business made Jason Hope to invest in other companies. After several years he diversified his investment portfolio to include companies offering interactive software, digital media solutions, marketing services and business and computer information systems, and his Linkedin.

Encouraged by his excellence, Jason Hope became intentional about helping other young entrepreneurs or students succeed. He was aware of the challenges brilliant young minds face in a bid to actualize their ideas. Jason purposed to solve the problem of lack of capital by providing grants and financing for the young business leaders. Through Jason Hope official website, entrepreneurs present their ideas. He then selects the most intriguing from all the rest. Jason believes that the future of the tech industry is dependent on these great and unique ideas from upcoming entrepreneurs.

Jason Hope strives to give back to the community as much and frequent as possible. He views philanthropy as a business entity because it enables him to meet particular community needs. One of the initiatives he is fascinated about is the SENS Foundation. Jason supports research in anti-aging and the future of medicine. The SENS Foundation is currently working on enhancing care and treatment of Alzheimer, lung cancer heart disease and respiratory diseases. He donated $ 500,000 to the research fund. Jason is optimistic about the future of biotechnologies in medical advancement, prevention of diseases and improving the quality of care and life. He often regards his philanthropic pursuits as the most fulfilling investments to date, and

Paul Mampilly Focuses on Main Street Investors With Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is making available hedge fund quality research to average investors with his newsletter Profits Unlimited. It is growing quickly having surpassed 90,000 subscribers and his approach is catching on among those looking for an edge on Wall Street.

The career of Paul Mampilly as a hedge fund manager has been accomplished, successful and award-winning throughout his time in the business. He received acclaim when he won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing competition in 2009. This victory cemented his reputation as a top-level stock picker as it occurred during the peak of the financial crisis which reverberated around the world. His return at the end of the competition was a heady 76% and even more astounding was the fact that he was long only in a bear market.

A drive to help ordinary investors succeed in markets that are stacked against them was the impetus for Mampilly to get out of the hedge fund business. Of course, he brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise with him and sought to make them available to the common man to help them secure a good retirement too and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

He signed on with Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could begin a new chapter in his career helping others choose stocks that have an excellent chance to vastly outperform the market. Profits Unlimited comes out on a monthly basis and features one of his thoroughly researched stock picks for his customers to consider and read full article.

The newsletter covers eight pages and reveals his insightful analysis on a promising company. Updates are also provided to subscribers regarding past choices and the performance of his model portfolio. Once the pick is in hand and a subscriber wishes to invest, they purchase the stock through their brokerage account and the extravagant fees that financial advisers charge are avoided. This innovative approach brings the research abilities of high-performance hedge funds to anyone who can afford the nominal fee and resume him.

Paul Mampilly’s expertise as a hedge fund manager was perfected while working for several companies and they include ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics International. He has also been featured on prominent financial news outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg to name a couple and

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his financial career with Bankers Trust where he served as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. As a former insider of high-powered Wall Street investment firms, he has a breadth of knowledge that few others possess and is strongly focused on helping Main Street Americans. He retired from actively managing hedge funds at the age of 42 after a remarkably successful and profitable career.

Omar Yunes’ Stunning Achievements in Life

Omar Yunes is a well-known and highly respected Sushi Itto franchisee. A franchisee is an individual or a company that is given the permission to run a business under another company’s, the franchisor, trade name, and trademark and can sell the franchisor’s services or products. The franchisor receives a specific fee agreed upon by the two parties. In this case, Omar is the franchisee and Sushi Itto is the franchisor. Recently, Omar won a prestigious award for emerging the Best Franchisee of the World. The competition was held in Florence in Italy. Omar was excited, and as much as he was happy, he knew the employees of the units he owns deserved the price more for their hard work and dedication.

The competition held on 5th December 2015 had representatives from 34 countries, such as Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, Argentine and more. The best franchisee was chosen based on some aspects such as the influence the franchisee’s business had on the network, how well the employees are motivated, the value of the charges put on it and the improvements meant to bring progress to the model. Omar emerged top in all the aspects and mainly because he has managed to bring change to the relationship between two franchisees. Another Mexican emerged the second position, and it proved that Mexicans are the best franchisee in the globe. Benjamin Cancelmo, holding the CEO position of Sushi Itto, was also excited because the award marked as a reminder of their fantastic services and food products and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar started the business while he was 21 years of age and at the moment he owns 13 franchised units. Omar Yunes deals with Japanese foods and his units are situated in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. He represents approximately 10 % of the total units of the brand. Omar’s units have more than 400 employees who are focused on making the business succeed and grow to a greater extent. Mr. Yunes is also famous for his family’s affiliation with political activities. However, he never took the political road to make it life. Omar Yunes plans to add more units until he becomes the top restaurant owner in Mexico and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

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