Ecotourism at WildArk, Manuel Antionio National Park and on the Flam Railway

When you are looking to travel make sure to consider ecotourism ( These tours are headed by local residents allowing them to create a better living for themselves and their communities. You will gain a richer understanding of the world’s natural resources from people who are passionate about protecting it. Additionally, you will find yourself immersed in the local culture. Finally, you will gain a deeper appreciation of the issues impacting the part of the world where you choose to travel. If you are interested in going on an ecologically friendly vacation, then make sure to consider these choices. Learn more:


Pridelands- South Africa


Mark and Sophie Hutchinson are passionate about protecting wild lands wherever they are found. They are especially excited to welcome visitors to Pridelands that they opened in South Africa in 2017. They hope that this sanctuary will make an African safari accessible to everyone while protecting the animals located within the 4,500 acre boundaries of this former hunting camp. Visitors here should be able to see lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo shortly because of the group’s efforts to attract these animals. Visitors can already see leopards, hyenas and cheetahs. Learn more:


Manuel Antonio National Park- Costa Rico


There are many different reasons to visit the 682 hectare Manuel Antionio National Park in Costa Rico. Consider hiking along the Perezoso Trail with a local guide allowing you to see the variety of wildlife living there including white-faced monkeys and squirrel monkeys. Over 350 different bird species have been spotted in this park. Additionally, bring along the scuba gear allowing you to explore the offshore coral reef. Take a river raft allowing you to explore the natural beauty of this park from the water while experiencing the thrill of Class III and IV rapids.


Flam Railway- Norway


Exploring the natural beauty of Norway is easy when you climb aboard a well-maintained train owned by the Flam Railway. This train ride is one of the steepest in the world. It winds its way through the Myrdal Mountains before entering the Flam Valley and descending even further to reach Aurlandsfjord, Norway, where the world’s longest fjord is located.


Choosing between these three adventures can be very tough. Therefore, make sure to consider doing them all allowing you to see the natural beauty of each area. Learn more: