Sheldon Lavin, Global Visionary

Sheldon Lavin, CEO and Chairman of OSI Group LLC, as well as President of OSI International Foods, Ltd., was the 2016 recipient of the Global Visionary Award, held in Ahmenadab, Gujarat, India. The Vision World Academy presented Mr. Lavin with this prestigious award at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on February 20, 2016.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is well deserving of such an award, as it is given to individuals who have seen unparalleled success in making their dreams come true through diligence, hard work and stick-to-itiveness. Mr. Lavin’s career started out in the finance industry, and after many years of success in that field, took the OSI Group from a medium-sized food enterprise to where it is today, a globally recognized food company worth billions of dollars. Across the globe, there are sixteen countries where OSI Foods can be found, in sixty different areas. In India alone the company operates in eight different areas, specializing in food processing. Tons of meat, vegetables and fruit are processed in these locations yearly.

The Vision World Academy has been acknowledging the triumphs of visionaries such as Mr. Lavin since 2012, and hopes to inspire younger generations to similarly follow their dreams.

OSI Group, LLC, includes OSI International Foods, LLC, and OSI Industries in America, as well as OSI International Inc., the holding company of the OSI Group, which employs 20,000 men and women across the globe.

When he was still in the banking industry more than four decades ago, Mr. Lavin helped get financing for Otto & Sons, which later became OSI Industries, LLC. Otto & Sons had seized the chance to construct a meat processing plant in order to become the hamburger supplier to McDonald’s in the Midwest. Over the years, Mr. Lavin took on a more prominent role in the company as Otto & Sons grew to become the OSI Group, and successfully expanded to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is currently a Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities and a board member of both the Goodman Theater and Rush University Medical Center.

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