Ecotourism at WildArk, Manuel Antionio National Park and on the Flam Railway

When you are looking to travel make sure to consider ecotourism ( These tours are headed by local residents allowing them to create a better living for themselves and their communities. You will gain a richer understanding of the world’s natural resources from people who are passionate about protecting it. Additionally, you will find yourself immersed in the local culture. Finally, you will gain a deeper appreciation of the issues impacting the part of the world where you choose to travel. If you are interested in going on an ecologically friendly vacation, then make sure to consider these choices. Learn more:


Pridelands- South Africa


Mark and Sophie Hutchinson are passionate about protecting wild lands wherever they are found. They are especially excited to welcome visitors to Pridelands that they opened in South Africa in 2017. They hope that this sanctuary will make an African safari accessible to everyone while protecting the animals located within the 4,500 acre boundaries of this former hunting camp. Visitors here should be able to see lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo shortly because of the group’s efforts to attract these animals. Visitors can already see leopards, hyenas and cheetahs. Learn more:


Manuel Antonio National Park- Costa Rico


There are many different reasons to visit the 682 hectare Manuel Antionio National Park in Costa Rico. Consider hiking along the Perezoso Trail with a local guide allowing you to see the variety of wildlife living there including white-faced monkeys and squirrel monkeys. Over 350 different bird species have been spotted in this park. Additionally, bring along the scuba gear allowing you to explore the offshore coral reef. Take a river raft allowing you to explore the natural beauty of this park from the water while experiencing the thrill of Class III and IV rapids.


Flam Railway- Norway


Exploring the natural beauty of Norway is easy when you climb aboard a well-maintained train owned by the Flam Railway. This train ride is one of the steepest in the world. It winds its way through the Myrdal Mountains before entering the Flam Valley and descending even further to reach Aurlandsfjord, Norway, where the world’s longest fjord is located.


Choosing between these three adventures can be very tough. Therefore, make sure to consider doing them all allowing you to see the natural beauty of each area. Learn more:


Bumble Creates Space For Dates

Unlike many other apps that focus on just giving people an online platform to connect, Bumble is trying to change the way people actually go on real dates. Bumble is opening an actual real physical location for dates to take place. If you aren’t so sure where to go on a date with someone and you both live in New York, try out the new physical location. It’s a comfortable and yet savvy hotspot with everything Bumble. Soak in the Bumble brand and enjoy the way the company just brings you in.

The location is mainly going to be used for dates and couples to join in and meet. However, throughout the weeks, it is expected that the place is going to have panels, events, and other great speaking engagements take place. Think of classes and other workshops that will help further your knowledge on dating.

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Bumble wants to do more than just focus on dating. In fact, they built an extension of this app and added in things like Bumble BFF. This new way of swiping people is done with the intention on actually trying to find a new best friend. Many people are already using it to build platonic friendships and find people to hit the clubs, the bar, or do anything fun you guys enjoy. Now you can have a group of friends chill with you in an instant. Bumble is giving you a chance to succeed and grow efficiently to make new friends without having to go to a club or bar and find people to chat with for platonic engagement.

According to Whitney Wolfe, Bumble is very straight forward with what they have to offer, and they are always trying to change and reinvent the wheel with their unique approaches to business and crafting great ideas. Bumble BFF is the place to be if you want more friends and want to have a bigger social circle. Expanding your circle of friends has never been easier with the help of Bumble and what they have to offer. Bumble loves what they have to offer. They enjoy being able to bring people together everyday.

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Sheldon Lavin, Global Visionary

Sheldon Lavin, CEO and Chairman of OSI Group LLC, as well as President of OSI International Foods, Ltd., was the 2016 recipient of the Global Visionary Award, held in Ahmenadab, Gujarat, India. The Vision World Academy presented Mr. Lavin with this prestigious award at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on February 20, 2016.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is well deserving of such an award, as it is given to individuals who have seen unparalleled success in making their dreams come true through diligence, hard work and stick-to-itiveness. Mr. Lavin’s career started out in the finance industry, and after many years of success in that field, took the OSI Group from a medium-sized food enterprise to where it is today, a globally recognized food company worth billions of dollars. Across the globe, there are sixteen countries where OSI Foods can be found, in sixty different areas. In India alone the company operates in eight different areas, specializing in food processing. Tons of meat, vegetables and fruit are processed in these locations yearly.

The Vision World Academy has been acknowledging the triumphs of visionaries such as Mr. Lavin since 2012, and hopes to inspire younger generations to similarly follow their dreams.

OSI Group, LLC, includes OSI International Foods, LLC, and OSI Industries in America, as well as OSI International Inc., the holding company of the OSI Group, which employs 20,000 men and women across the globe.

When he was still in the banking industry more than four decades ago, Mr. Lavin helped get financing for Otto & Sons, which later became OSI Industries, LLC. Otto & Sons had seized the chance to construct a meat processing plant in order to become the hamburger supplier to McDonald’s in the Midwest. Over the years, Mr. Lavin took on a more prominent role in the company as Otto & Sons grew to become the OSI Group, and successfully expanded to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is currently a Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities and a board member of both the Goodman Theater and Rush University Medical Center.

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