Larry King Is Scheduled To Be The Moderator In The US Money Reserves’ New DRTV Show

The U.S. Money Reserve is launching the ‘2016 Gold Summit’ show. Larry King shall serve as the new direct response television’s (DRTV)moderator. US Money Reserve is the world renowned distributor of government issued gold, platinum, and silver.

The 2016 Gold Summit show will be hosted in Los Angeles. Every session will last 28 minutes, giving the show’s panel ample time to respond to questions raised by the audience. Michael Reagan, President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, will be on the panel.

According to Michael, every American citizen should own gold. The US Money Reserve provides everyone with this opportunity. Other members of the panel will be John Rothans (master numismatist at US Money Reserve), Brad Castillo (a former vice president of Sales at the company), and Philip Diehl (US Money Reserve’s president).

The panel will be discussing about the various benefits of owning U.S government gold, recent global events that have impacted the gold’s bull market, dollar and its buying power, and volatility of the modern financial markets. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as outlined in this link

Speaking about the event, Angela ‘Angie’ Koch said that the show is proof of the hard work and talent of the US Money Reserve’s award-winning production team.

She posited that the presence of Larry King in the show would be exciting as he is known for leading discussions on critical topics and issues. Angie, who is the CEO of US Money Reserve, added that the program was unique and came at the right time. The DRTV show will be available on selected media houses across the United States.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is America’s largest private distributor of government issued gold, silver, and platinum products. The company, which was founded in 2001, has adopted online selling platform to ensure that its products can be accessed from anywhere.

Its products have continued to become popular among investors as they have an alternative way to diversify their investment portfolios. The most common forms of precious metals are US gold and silver coins.

US Money Reserve has a team of highly experienced coin research and numismatic professionals. The team has the expertise required to develop great products and advice clients on the combination of investments that will satisfy their utility. In addition, the Austin-based company offers outstanding customer services.

The communication department promptly responds to customer feedback posted on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Their interactive website has loads of information about precious metals. Individuals can subscribe to the company’s information kit where they can receive up-to-date information about the US Money Reserve’s products.